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Every Week at Kidcam Camp is a New Week

Finding a summer camp for your child that offers a full summer of impactful and memorable programming is harder than you think, but that’s what makes Kidcam so special and memorable.  Every week is different, so your child can attend camp in one place with their summer friends and favorite counselors and enjoy new activities and programs each week during the summer.  It’s the best of what our campers want and makes it so easy on parents. No juggling of schedules, calendars, registration fees and shirts. Choose the camp your children love, the one that you trust, and keep it simple with the best - Kidcam Camp.


So what DOES a summer look like at Kidcam? We have an action-packed lineup of rotating weekly themes that will keep your camper engaged, exploring new interests, and making amazing memories all season long.

Instead of doing the same activities week after week, we switch things up with creative new themes, life-skills, sports & outdoor games, STEM projects, team building, counselor competitions, group games and arts and crafts every 5 days. This allows your child to be constantly stimulated while building a diverse skill set across artistic, athletic and other domains. Our camps all go swimming at least once a week, based on their camp location, and our specialized curriculum is combined with the exceptional amenities offered by our host locations, ensuring your child stays fully engaged each week they are a Kidcam Camper.

Our 2024 schedule celebrates Kidcam's 50th Anniversary and features 9-10 unique weekly themes:

1970s Weeks: 

Week 1: Peace, Love & Camp through the 70s 

Week 2: 70s Retro Rewind 


1980s Weeks: 

Week 3: Blast from the 80s Past 

Week 4: The 80s Summer Experience 


1990s Weeks: 

Week 5: 90s Far Out Fun 

Week 6: 90s Camp Memories 


2000s Weeks: 

Week 7: The Decade Divide (Camper vs. Counselor Challenges) 

Week 8: Camp Y2K - Where Tradition Meets Fun 


2020s Weeks: 

Week 9/10: Rocky's 50th Birthday Celebration 

Within each themed week, we'll have consistent daily schedules blending structured activities with free-play time. Our experienced camp staff is talented at bringing these immersive experiences to life. We'll transform our spaces with decorations, dress-up days, special guests and themed projects and games corresponding to each week's unique focus.

We can't wait to have your camper join us for nine weeks of imagination, friendship and discovery. Let the new adventures begin. Summers rock at Kidcam!

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