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Benefits of Summer Camp


Through exposure to an entirely different world, campers gain resiliency, grow more independent, learn determination, unplug from technology, and engage with the real world. 

Kids learn to become more self-reliant as they explore their interests and discover their strengths and weaknesses. They learn to trust their inner voice instead of depending on a parent or teacher to tell them what to do — a vital aspect of becoming a self-sufficient adult.

A World Without Screens

An elimination of all screens everyday isn’t realistic, but for at least a few hours five days a week, your kids probably wouldn’t even miss their smartphones or Xboxes or tablets. They’ll be too busy swimming, going on field trips, deconstructing old computers, or learning a specialty sport, enjoying those classic camp traditions.

A World Without School

At school, kids are told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Even some specialized summer camps are structured that way. While kids who attend those camps are following a passion, they still just need to be kids. At Kidcam, kids can try new things without worrying about homework. They're out of the classroom and in new settings that are ideal for personal growth, development, and a large dose of the summer sun. Camp is an opportunity for kids to experiment in how they socialize through shared experiences, mutual interests, competition, cooperation, and humor.


It’s amazing what a change of scenery can do for a kid’s spirit and sense of self. Kidcam summer day camp enables our Rockstars to see that there is an entire world outside of the home-and-school bubble. Our campers are urged to try new things, put themselves out there, take some risks, and overcome obstacles. Children tend to grow and reinvent themselves in ways that can only happen at camp when the pressures of what’s expected go away.


Reinvention also gives kids a chance to reflect — to think about themselves as a person away from home and school. By asking themselves who they are or who they want to be, kids open themselves up to other new experiences and life lessons. Or they conclude that they’re exactly who they want to be, at least at the moment. Either way, reflection, which is a foundational core of Kidcam, is a good tool to develop for life.


Schools and neighborhoods are safe places for kids to feel comfortable in, which is a good thing. But it also creates a kind of bubble that can sometimes close off exposure to new ideas and people. Summer day camps blend many different backgrounds, creeds, viewpoints, and personalities into a cohesive, safe, and fun environment.

Kate Stevens  (Nola Family Magazine, 2020)

Even if you think your kids are pretty independent already, nothing tests that sense of freedom like setting them in a new environment — away from the familiar faces of parents, teachers, and school friends. While our summer day camps are still structured, the schedules are more lenient, not only allowing kids to decide what they want to do, but challenging them to think about what they want to do. 
- Tim Meyer, NOLA Family

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