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Our Story

At Kidcam, day camp isn’t just something we do, it’s all we do, which is the main reason we have been the trusted name in summer camps by thousands of families for almost 50 years.

Our mission is to bring the Spirit of Summer to life by creating memorable moments and lasting relationships, through a powerful summer camp experience that inspires greatness and brings smiles to faces.


Rocky is our Kidcam Camps mascot, and like you, Rocky came to Kidcam when he was young. He was ready to meet friends and make new adventures. They say birds of a feather flock together, which is why we call Rocky an 'Owl Bird'. Rocky is a Rockstar. He's the best of everything and inspiration to us all by showing everyone around him the Spirit of Summer 365 days a year.


Here’s how Rocky…rocks: 



Smiles are free and should be given often. Rocky is always smiling. 


Purposeful & Intentional  

Be impeccable with your words and actions. This means to say what you mean and do what you say.  


I Know You  

Make an effort to see people for their unique gifts. We all have them. What are yours? If you aren’t sure, you may discover them at Kidcam. 



You are already a Rockstar, so keep rocking every day. Stand up front and center. Be confident. Share your voice. Celebrate life with friends. Share your songs. 



Inspire Greatness 

Chase your dreams. Never give up. Cheer on others as they chase their dreams. 



Traditions create memories that last forever. Start yours at Kidcam. We create a sense of 

belonging that gives children the confidence to be who they are by creating memorable moments and lasting relationships. 

Rock Like Rocky


At Kidcam, summer camp isn’t just something we do, it’s all we do. And we strive to do it better than anyone else. Creating meaningful summer experiences for children ages 5* through 13 is our focus 365 days a year.


We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, safe and supportive summer family where every child is treasured for what makes him or her unique. Through our long-standing traditions and values, we create a sense of belonging that gives children the confidence to be who they are. While enjoying a summer of fun, adventure and wonder, Kidcam campers are made to feel that they are a part of something truly special.

We call it the Kidcam difference. Our campers call it summers that rock!

*Ages vary by location, please see camp-specific site to verify age by camp.

Be Like Rocky

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