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Host a Summer Camp at partner facilities


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Host a Summer Camp at partner facilities
Host Camp at your place.
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Kidcam Camps is one of the most trusted names in day camp operators for children ages 5-13, and camp isn’t just something we do, it’s ALL we do...365 days a year since 1974. Through our long-standing traditions and values, Kidcam works year-round to bring the Spirit of Summer to life by creating memorable moments and lasting relationships all through the power of camp. 

Yet at Kidcam, the need for physical space is seasonal. This is where the real fun comes in to play. Kidcam partners with premier destinations and trusted, community facilities to build a welcoming, safe, and supportive summer program where every child is treasured for what makes him or her unique. Kidcam campers are made to feel that they are a part of something truly special and stay fully engaged in daily activities and programs through Kidcam’s unique curriculum of STEM, sports, arts, movement, water play, life skills, as well as the unique amenities offered through our host camp locations. It’s a win-win for you and the children and families in your hometown.

Creating great summers is a year-round job at Kidcam, but the need for physical operational space is seasonal. Our facility partners all offer a variety of spaces and have different reasons as to why they choose to partner with Kidcam to operate a summer camp. Some are looking to showcase physical resources to a new audience; others want to provide services for the community and generate incremental revenue without business disruption or the added labor and demands involved in operating their own program. (It really is a full-time job.) And some have tried it on their own and recognize summer camp isn’t what they do best and realize the importance of bringing in the experts to manage it all. So, let us focus on what we do best while your operators focus on the needs that drive your business and operations!

Kidcam Camps currently operates 30 summer day camp locations across the southeast. Kidcam manages all aspects of summer day camp programming & operations with the exception of owned spaces. We lease facility space for up to 11 weeks each summer in premier locations that are both public and private facilities like recreational districts, municipal and state parks, universities, swim & tennis clubs, water & amusement parks, schools, museums, and churches to bring the most powerful summer day camp experiences to life for children & their families.

Accredited by the American Camp Association, Kidcam Camps provides a year-round commitment & full-time resources to creating fun and memorable summers at its host facilities. 

Kidcam handles every aspect of operating its summer camp, including but not limited to:


  • Licensing, Insurance, Logistics & Operations 

  • Staffing  recruitment, training, certifications, background checks & payroll.

  • Programming & Equipment   we bring everything! (and take it away when we are done.)

  • Registration & Marketing   proven strategies & successful campaigns, as well as leveraging existing relationships within your market.

  • Flexibility   operations are Mon - Fri, 7a-6p. Nights and weekends are yours to lease your space or host other events during prime time & demanded days & hours.

  • CampOffice Software proprietary camp management software built by Kidcam to manage all registration and day-to-day operational needs.

Interested in learning more on how your facility can provide a Kidcam Summer Camp to your local community?

Providing an effortless summer camp program

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