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Criteria for Participation

Participants must be in good mental, emotional and social health and be able to function in a group setting in a positive and cooperative manner that displays tolerance and respect for themselves and others. We ask that campers can independently function in a 10:1 camper/counselor environment, as well as areas with lots of noise when all campers are together. Our staff is trained to create a safe, fun camp environment, but our staff is not trained to manage individual education plans or specialized needs that requires more attention to the point of not being able to give equal attention to the rest of a group. We do our best to partner with parents to work together to determine if Kidcam will be a positive experience and suitable for your child prior to enrolling their child. We ask any parent who has questions on whether or not Kidcam is the right summer camp for their child to attend a Director Information Session and speak to the camp director regarding the needs of the camper.

Before & After Care

We offer complimentary childcare before camp beginning at 7:00 AM. Childcare is also available after camp until 6:00 PM*, at a rate of $2 per half-hour (siblings $1 per half-hour). Aftercare must be prepaid. Charging or crediting to your account will not be allowed. Any camper(s) not picked up by 6 PM will incur a late fee of $1/minute for every minute late. *Time may vary by camp.

Registration Fee & Enrollment

There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $50 for camp. Siblings may register for $35. Enrollment for a week closes once a camp reaches capacity. It is recommended to purchase all weeks needed as soon as possible. Weekly enrollment may close prior to 3 PM the Thursday prior to a camp week, based on the location’s capacity. New for 2022: A camper’s place at camp is not secured until tuition for the week attending is paid in full. Registration fee no longer guarantees a spot. Any camp reserves the right to close enrollment based on capacity before 3:00 PM on the Thursday prior to each camp week. Campers may not be dropped off at camp without being enrolled for that week. Any camper not enrolled for a week will not be allowed to stay.


Registration fees are non-refundable. A $10 administrative fee will be processed for all refunds. Refund request must be made no later than two (2) weeks prior to the week a camper is scheduled to attend. Once you are within the two weeks prior to the date of the requested week, refunds will not be provided. Not attending the program for any reason does not entitle you to a refund. When you register your child, you are reserving space, time, and staffing whether or not your child attends the program. 
Refund request will only be accepted by submitting your request via email to accounting@kidcamcamps.com. Exceptions to Refunds If a child is dismissed from camp due to behavior at the request of a director, a refund on future weeks purchased will be given (the current week will not be pro-rated). If a camp must close for two or more days due to weather or sickness outbreak, the refund process will be determined at that time. Loss of fees due to illness or injury (not COVID related) will be refunded at 50% of missed days when a doctor’s note is provided. The loss of fees will be shared equally by the parents and camp. No refund will be issued without a doctor’s note.

Transfer of Weeks

Transfer requests will be accepted if the request is made no less than 5 days leading up to the week of the transfer, and there is available space remaining in the week requested. A $10 administrative fee will be added to all transfer requests that can be accommodated.  Transfer requests will only be accepted by submitting your request via email to transfers@kidcamcamps.com.

Daily Basics

Please apply sunscreen to your child before camp. If you would like for sunscreen to be reapplied by a counselor during camp, please make sure to complete and submit the sunscreen waiver. Campers should bring a backpack to camp daily with the following items:

  • refillable water bottle
  • sunscreen
  • swimsuit and towels for water days
For younger campers, a full change of clothes is always helpful to have in their bag. Label all your camper’s belongings with their name (clothing, bags, water bottles, etc.).

Incident Reporting

All incidents and injuries are documented in a Rocky Incident Report. Level 1 Injury: A ‘Be Like Rocky’ note is sent home to the parent for scrapes, small bumps, minor tears, small issues involving another child, or minimal incidents(s). Level 2 Injury: Parents are called with written documentation for anything involving physical fights, weapons, language, blood, head injuries, excessive tears, fever, vomit, dizziness, heat exhaustion or anything considered "major". Level 3 Incident: Parents notified, in writing, about situations that include intruders, dangerous situations, crisis at camp, serious emotional outbursts at camp, pool incidents, police/EMS presence at camp. Level 4 Incident: Any physical attack or injury inflicted on by a camper will result in immediate expulsion from camp with no potential to return to camp.

Camp Uniform

CAMP SHIRTS MUST BE WORN EVERY DAY!! There is NO exception to this rule unless a day is noted on your schedule as “costume day” or other type of special dress day. If a camper comes to camp without a camp shirt, the camper MUST purchase a shirt to remain in camp that day. The parents also have the option to bring a shirt to camp. Please label all shirts, shorts, shoes, towels, water bottles and lunch boxes, or other items brought from home. Camp merchandise may be purchased in the camp office based on availability. For safety reasons, closed toe tennis shoes must be worn to camp daily. Sandals, crocs, or flip-flops may be packed in their bag for use during swimming, waterslide, or other water activities. Each camp will have a Lost & Found table at the front entrance each week of a camp. At the end of camp, remaining Lost & Found items will be donated.

Electronics & Personal Property

Campers should leave all personal technology, toys and sports equipment at home unless approved by the Director for a specialized activity. Campers, parents, staff and guests are not allowed to use drugs, alcohol or tobacco on any Kidcam Camp property. The Camp Director can and will authorize the search of backpacks and other enclosed items in search for any suspected contraband. Campers, parents, staff and guests are forbidden to have a weapon of any kind at camp. Weapons at camp is grounds for immediate expulsion. Campers are not allowed to use cell phones on camp property. All personal property is the responsibility of the owner. Kidcam Camps and its staff are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Camp Hours

All camps take place Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM unless specifically noted on the camp page. Campers should be checked in no later than 8:50 AM to be present for morning meetings which begin promptly 9:00 AM. Any campers arriving after 9:00 AM must be signed in by the parent in the camp office. There will be no camp on Memorial Day or July 4th.

Tax Information

Did you know Summer Camp qualifies as a Dependent Care Tax Deduction?

To access your Summer Camp Receipt with Tax ID:

  1. Login to your parent account at www.KidcamCamps.net.
  2. On the Parent Home page click the “Camp Account Details” button.
  3. For the “Site” drop down choose: “Site Name & Term”
  4. The page displayed will show you your accounts and payments.
  5. There is a “Print Receipt Summary” button at top of parent page to download a copy of your parent receipt.
Tax ID for camps located in Orleans, Jefferson (East Bank), Ouachita, St. Charles, St. John, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa Parishes, Alabama and Georgia is 82-0577930. Tax ID for camps located in the Bayou Region and Westbank is 47-5030133. Tax ID for Lafayette is 27-4886352.