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Kidcam Summer Day Camp at Oak Mountain

At Kidcam, Day Camp isn’t just something we do, it’s all we do! That's why we have been the trusted name in summer camps by thousands of families for almost 50 years.

Through our long-standing traditions and values, we create a sense of belonging that gives children the confidence to be who they are by creating memorable moments and lasting relationships, all through the power of camp with over 30 partner locations across the southeast.

Discover the

Spirit of Summer

Kidcam Camp offers weekly day-camps that are action-packed with activities that promote fun, fitness, friendship, and creativity. Campers celebrate a different theme each week - this summer we turn 50 years old, and each week we will celebrate a different decade with the best of the 70s, 80, 90, 2000s and beyond!, while incorporating sports, creative arts, STEM, movement, specialty programs by camp, swimming and water play, and 50 years of memorable Kidcam traditions.

The Kidcam Difference

Families can participate in more than 30 Kidcam Day Camp locations throughout Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee.  Register for only the weeks you need to attend with flexible scheduling options all through our registration portal using the Register Now link.

Our Camps






Kidcam Summer Camp in Birmingham

Carlo H.

My kids LOVED camp this year.  They have requested to come back every year until they are too is a first and we are thrilled, looking forward to next year!

Dawn E.

Always a great time! I’m on my 3rd child attending!

Wendy C.

My oldest has gone to Kidcam in Hammond for the past 4 summers & youngest went last summer. We have had a great experience & it keeps getting better every year. Swimming, field trips & sports keeps my kids active & engaged all summer!

Our Locations

Find the Kidcam closest to you

With 30 day camps throughout Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee, you're sure to find the right one for your Rockstar!

Click on any of the locations on our map to learn more about that specific camp.

Kidcam Summer Day Camp

Celebrate 50 Years of Sunshine & Memories at Kidcam Camps!

It's hard to believe that it's been half a century since Kidcam Summer Camp welcomed our first campers in New Orleans, transforming summers into seasons of adventures, memories, and friendship at now over 30 camp locations across five states. As we gear up for our golden anniversary in 2024, we're filled with gratitude for the 125,000 campers, their families, and the 15,000 team members who have been part of this incredible journey.

From our first Rocky Rally to the last splash in the pool, every moment spent at Kidcam has been a building block in a legacy of youthful joy and the spirit of summer. We've grown together, laughed together, and created a memory book that will last a lifetime. As we turn 50, we’re not just celebrating our age – we're honoring the timeless spirit of childhood that keeps us all young at heart.

Be a part of Kidcam’s summer-long celebration as we time-travel through the decades. Bring your favorite memories and prepare to make new ones. Because at Kidcam Camp, every summer is a chance to celebrate the joy of being young, spirited, and free.

Kidcam Summer Day Camp
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